High-Quality Makeup Brush Sets

From high-definition brushes to original bamboo pieces, our makeup brush sets offer a huge range of useful, high-quality products especially for you. Whether you’re giving a gift or buying for your own daily use, these sets are absolutely perfect.

Choose Your Ideal Set

Our makeup brush sets include:

10-Piece Brush Set (10 High-Definition Brushes, Kept Secure in a Leather Case)
Original Bamboo 24-Piece Brush Set (24 Individually User-Named Brushes, Ideal for Daily Use)
Luxurious 21 Piece Brush Set (21 Brushes Made from Real Hair for Maximum Coverage and Gentle Strokes, with Control Handles for Better Grip)
Eye Essential 10-Piece Brush Set (The Perfect Gift Set for Glam Eye Makeup, from a Cut Crease to a Smokey Eye!)



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